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Many of African countries are governed by the chieftains of the old tribes(Democratically elected reps are modified chieftains) who have seized power and rely on the old colonialists, or the US imperialists and allies/NATO.
The methods of government in these states at this stage are not and cannot be other than a marked survival of colonialism. The imperialists are ruling most of the African countries again through their concerns, their capital invested in industry, banks, etc. The overwhelming bulk of the wealth of these countries continues to flow to the metropolises and if required by direct intervention!
The natural wealth, market, cheap labour(Also imported to France and UK) remains main attraction for these Imperialists. As a result the local population remains stagnant or even go down due extreme exploitation and end of natural habitat except a very small part of them who are required to be there as a link between the exploiters and exploited and crush the latters if they revolt!
But how long the mass and their true leaders will be silenced??