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A Pakistani court today indicted Imageformer military ruler Pervez Musharraf for treason on charges relating to his 2007 imposition of emergency in a historic first for a country ruled for half its history by the army!!

This verdict, if one accepts, resembles to that of Bangladesh SC, where killers and rapists of 1971 were given the death penalty and were finally hanged!

In fact, again it will not be out of this article’s scope to remind our readers of our own defunct judiciary system, which till date has not been able to give a final verdict related to 1984 and 2002 riots, forget about it being satisfactory!!

Pervez Musharraf was a link in the chain of dictators of Pakistan, who with the help of USA and China ruled the country with an iron fist and let the masters, which also included the local corporate and feudal, loot the country’s natural wealth and market. In fact they helped create and develop most dreaded terrorist groups, which later on became huge problems for the creators only! This has resulted Pakistan as almost failed state!

The progressive forces of Pakistan, though in minority, always struggled to bring about a secular and democratic Pakistan, but was thwarted by the Imperialists and their puppets, and the Army like that of any other country, which had tested the blood and power, was ready to usurp the power!

Malala was one example of progressive forces fighting against the old and rotten system, but now it seems, she is adopted by the western powers and will be used for showcase of their generosity and democratic face and maximum she can do now is support women’s education and cannot fight for an exploitation less society!

Whatever, these verdicts have farfetched effects on the common man, peasants and workers who are looking for a change and even ready to join the agents of changes, like socialist and democratic forces.

I welcome this Pakistan Courts’ verdict, which also shows that Pakistan an independent and sovereign nation has not been lost totally to US, China and terrorist groups and army!