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Its not a simple blot on Indian democratic, secular, socialist society but it was outright murder of Indian society, which was engineered by Congress/RSS and their agents. Even the big corporates helped in entire venture to capture the Indian market, national wealth!

Indian people are being attacked not only by the longest recession since 2008, but extreme greed by the big corporates, like Ambani/Adani/Tata, their agents Congress, BJP and whole lot of their allies! Crores of women are forced to adopt prostitution and children to work in fields, houses and factories, to satisfy their greed of amassing wealth with their foreign masters!

AAP was an attempt to stop such brazen loot and murder of people but that is being attacked by the combination of all other parties, bureaucrats, foreign masters, yet hope is alive for a true democratic, progressive forces to give a befitting reply to fascists, murderers!