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Not only Narendra Modi’s past haunting his prospect but his present too is equally sinful and lacks any honesty. His open love for corporates, FDIs and hatred for peasants, workers is clear sign of his economic and foreign policy, which is very similar to those of Congress!

His love for corruption is known to all and one example suffice, that is how he murdered Gujarat Lokayukta and how criminals and corrupts are joining BJP and are also in his ministry!

Corporates and their owned media are not supporting Modi out of love but its their helplessness as Congress is doomed and only one to save their sinking industries in the longest recession on our earth is BJP or say Modi as fear of AAP is uniting them behind Modi!
What we need is revolution and not reform!!

As far as the lumpen and few middle class supporters are concerned are in hope of a “Hindu Rashtra” and as a consequence heaven will land on India, which is not even worth being called mirage!

How much AAP will make inroads to LS is yet to be seen, but sure enough, it has, first time in India, awakened a large section of people to the reality of their condition and united them to fight against the exploitation, they had been suffering so far!