Last VS election in 6 states, more than 1.4 million people voted for NOTA! They planned, came out of their houses, reached to booth, got in queue and voted for NOTA!
They are admirable people as, for whatever reasons, they found all candidates not worthy of their votes and accordingly they cast their votes, knowing well that this will not disqualify or defeat any of the candidates.
Last UP election, all channels, media campaigned to glorify the democracy(which actually belongs to the moneyed and influential people and not the unprivileged class, at least not 8 Crore homeless people, who are certainly not part of the biggest fair of democracy that is poll) by campaigning for ‘must vote’! Result was Mayavati was replaced by Mulayam Singh or his son and agents of democracy were happy!!
Rights are imparted to voters of India in name of NOTA and if one feels happy to vote it and show his anger, must be done, without calculating its ‘profit’ and fight to make it more potent!