Egypt’s Revolution Butchered!

The Egyptian regime sentenced 683 more to die on 29 April 2014.
A pre-planned court in Egypt on Monday handed down death sentences to 683 defendants— members and supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), after 5 minutes trial in which the judge refused to allow a single word to defend!
The mass trial and its pre-planned verdict and sentence followed a similar judicial mockery last month in which 529 people were sentenced to die by the same judge. Something similar happened in Iraq, where Sadam Hussain was sentenced to death by a judge who was sent to the USA to “get training” as to how to give a verdict against those who dared to raise voices against the USA!!
The charges against 1,200 defendants is the death of a single policeman during protests organized by the Muslim Brotherhood against the military coup that ousted Egypt’s elected president, Mohamed Mursi. During the same period, Egyptian security forces massacred nearly 2000 protesters, including 1,000 of them in a single day.
Salvador Allende, President of Chile had to commit suicide after existing military’s coup de tat!! Existing state and its machinery has no loyalty to the new ruler, especially if the latter wants a new society. Lesson learned, “demolish old state structure if you want a new (exploitation free) society”!!
The reign of terror has continued and become severe under Sisi, who stepped down recently to become a Presidential candidate, which will eventually be rigged election. The so called “Left and Progressive forces”, who hailed military rule as ‘Egypt’s Saviour’ are not traceable!!
The target of this repression is not only the Muslim Brotherhood, but the demonstrators who forced the downfall of former dictator Hosni Mubarak in February 2011 and those who wanted a decent life. Three of them have been sentenced to three years of hard labour and $7,000 in fines for violating a decree outlawing all unauthorized protests.
Crux of the matter is- Full-fledged repression aimed against the Egyptian working class, which through mass strikes and protests, toppled the Mubarak regime. These protests continued even after the change of regime, joined by textile, steel, public transport, postal and port workers. The ruling junta is preparing to enact drastic IMF-dictated austerity measures, including the scrapping of subsidies on bread, electricity and gas, the government is desperate to intimidate Egyptian workers with state violence. In a nutshell, whole project of repression is not to intimidate MB but the working class and ensure better profit for the big corporates! Scrapping of subsidies is a worldwide phenomenon and is deplored by the Corporations and their agents and media!!
USA Role: The sheer scale of Egypt’s mass trial and mass death sentences is unparalleled in the recent history, only at the par with the atrocities carried out under the Nazis. With its rhetoric, Washington stands exposed as the direct accomplice in this crime, with President Barack Obama all but soaping the hangman’s noose.
The White House, declared that Obama was “deeply troubled” by the mass death sentences in Egypt. (Age old drama by the politicians, rulers where they issue statements, most of the time through their secretaries, to show their grief, trouble, etc in a standard and dull format, while dining and drinking in 5 star comfort!!)
“While judicial independence is a vital part of democracy, this verdict cannot be reconciled with Egypt’s obligations under international human rights law”- White House. It appealed to Sisi and his fellow military rulers to “take a stand against this illogical action.”
Whom do they think they’re fooling? The slogan “judicial independence” are hardly an issue in Egypt (By any chance in India?). The hanging judge popularly known as “the butcher” was installed in a special court created by the junta to do precisely what he is doing. Moreover, the draconian sentences have a very clear message: they are an act of state terror designed to intimidate the Egyptian masses, follow orders or otherwise face the gallows!!
The statement continued: “Since the January 25 Revolution, the Egyptian people have aspired to be represented by a government that rules justly, respects their dignity, and provides economic opportunities. The United States supports these aspirations and wants Egypt’s transition to succeed.”
Lies and hypocrisies seems to be common for developed nations like USA and developing nations like India. The reality is that Obama did everything he could to keep “stalwart ally” Mubarak in power and smash the January 25 Revolution, sending the Egyptian dictator the ammunition to do it.
Having failed, he sought to secure a transfer of power to Mubarak’s intelligence chief and CIA “asset” Omar Suleiman. Failing that, he backed the assumption of power by the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces. Later trying to utilize the right-wing Muslim Brotherhood government of Mursi to secure USA interests in Egypt and the region, he quietly backed the military coup that overthrew MB government last July to safeguard US commercial interest, refusing to call the coup a coup so that it can legally continue selling the military aid. “The role of the Left and progressive forces” seems to have been scripted in the White House, otherwise such idiocy by the rational forces is beyond comprehension!!
It is hardly a coincidence that the mass death sentence comes only days after Washington approved the provision of 10 Apache attack helicopters on top of some $650 million in military aid already approved for the Egyptian junta this fiscal year. The helicopter deal was correctly interpreted by the Egyptian junta as a green light to escalate its brutal crackdown.
Nothing could expose more nakedly the hypocritical fraud of the Obama administration’s “human rights” foreign policy. For the past several months, it has postured as the champion of democracy and human rights in Ukraine. It used what a relative handful were, by comparison with Egypt, of Killings—whose perpetrator remains a matter of debate—to justify a fascist-led coup and a policy of continuous anti-Russian provocation that threatens to push the world into a nuclear third world war.
Similarly in Venezuela, the death of 41 people in violent demonstrations—the cause of which are again disputed—led to Secretary of State John Kerry denouncing the government for waging a “terror campaign against its own citizens.” No such terror was perceived in the massacres of thousands last August in the streets of Cairo or in the mass death sentences handed down over the past two months. Even so called free and fair USA media prefer to remain silent, except few shots!
Egypt exposes the true interest of US imperialist policy, which employs bloody state violence and undemocratic regime to pursue the interests of America’s financial and corporate ruling strata and suppress the social struggles, economic demands and the democratic aspirations of working people all over the globe.
India is positively not Egypt or Venezuela due its sheer vastness in terms of population, geographical location and neither Ukraine but yet it is a lesson to Indians as well; what the USA can do to the revolting masses to preserve its interest in your own natural wealth and market!! Remember NSA’s criminal spying against India and the reaction by the puppet government and opposition?