The great festival of “Democracy” that is election, is over. Result is out. BJP under leadership of Narendra Modi is likely to form government in Delhi without hitch. Whether, this was expected or not, is an entirely different matter and am not interested to dwell on this as 100s, no 1000s of such analysis is already available on various media, news channels, blogs and will continue to flood them for weeks to come.

What did common man get? AAP whatever did was on expected line, though the result is not commensurate with its effort. They may blame this on the corporate world and their “Chaukidars” Congress, BJP and their various allies directly or indirectly and corporates’ controlled media. Left is almost washed out due Right’s onslaught, though it is unimaginable, at a time when the working class is in utter destitute due very high inflation, unemployment, corruption and crime by the state, its machinery and their top and lower ranking officials during the world’s longest recession. Anyway, this is Left’s headache to do “Concrete analysis of concrete situation”.

So, what did the common man, peasants and workers get in this holiest feast of Indian Democracy, called the biggest democratic country in the world? Just to remind our readers, we house 10 Crore child labours in fields, highway hotels/Dhabas and houses as helpers rather in schools, 8 Crore roofless ‘humans’ and 2 Crore women who sell their bodies to get basic subsidies and now to ‘improve’ their status we have stamped them as ‘sex workers’.

What is the situation of our big and medium class corporate? GDP, GNP, National income growth is less than 5%. Does this mean our people’s income is rising at this slow pace? NO! The growth rate of our corporate or their profit rate has gone down. This is due global economy going into recession since 2008 and unlike in the past, there is no sign of recovery, forget about a boom. Export of natural wealth, like ore, raw material, which ‘belongs to them’ has crumbled and the available market has shrunk abroad and at home, making their profit to shrink further. This has also affected INR crashing against USD and other major currencies.

So, all the drama by the oppositions was against this falling “GDP” as their bosses were not happy. The ruling party was already discarded by the corporates which wanted a ‘strong’, pro capital and anti-workers policy firmly to be implemented! Eye opening example is Egypt!! Mass rising, ruler removed, election followed, people’s government formed, ‘progressive forces’ rising against the new government to safeguard the revolution from the religious clichés, Army takes over and finally state machinery including judiciary butchers 100s of protesters, 1000s of workers are put behind bars, close to 1000 protesters are sentenced to death, ‘profit rate’ of corporate rises, Egypt and USA are happy!!!!!

The present rise of people, all over India, was spontaneous with Anna and his team, government had to bow and promise for strong JLPB, even though this was not a panacea for their miseries, but sooner than later, government and opposition’s treacheries were exposed. Movement was to be usurped by the RSS and BJP as demanded by their common masters, the Corporations; Congress was to be dumped for at least 5 years, Arvind Kejriwal sensed this diversion, formed AAP and Delhi VS election followed, minority government formed, fell and in due course the present election followed and the result is in front of us.

It’s not AAP which lost the battle, but it’s the people who lost the war. Once again, they found their interest in religion, caste, creed, region and worse in a personality cult, national chauvinism!! What the Left and the progressive forces did? In this election too, they joined the rest of the parties to ‘strengthen’ parliament, which before starting this time, we knew was full of corrupts, criminals and rapists, which is going to make ‘law’ for us, as in the past, so that we behave and let the Corporations exploit us peacefully!

Ha, ha, the above paragraph sounds so simple and silly to be true, but there is no other explanation to tell us why we are so poor, unemployed and humiliated every day despite India having massive natural resources and being advanced technologically? Yet, to demolish this simple system, where we are exploited daily and in very simple as well as complicated way, though not impossible, we have to follow extremely complicated, dangerous and difficult path that is revolution. Can you imagine, it was AAP, which was fighting for only a corruption free society, fighting to make Capitalism pure, free it from its cronyism, there was such a hue and cry, state machinery, corporations, media went against it, Congress, BJP and other allies joined together, its members were abused, kicked and even murdered. What will happen if there is genuine revolution, where people were to rise to take over the power by force, demolish existing state and its wings, and expropriate the Corporations and others who had been expropriating them so far!!

People are deceived again as usual, though this deception cost much more than in past and as a result people will be ‘punished’ accordingly by planned inflation, corruption!

Whatever, this rise of people has seen its apex, now only down slide has to follow! Revolutionary tide does not wait for some party or leaders to exploit it!! Anna and others are history now. AAP may save some of the fire and the glory of people’s rise by leading them for a better society. Final analysis is that people were losers and their loss will bring out many lessons for future generations to learn as always happens!

Say no to Reforms yes to Revolution.