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I wish to start with my own article- http://www.hastakshep.com/english/opinion/2014/03/17/anna-supports-mamta-fall-of-anna#.U4gOV2brZy0 (Anna supports Mamta, Fall of Anna)

And now: – Anna praises Modi government, says Kejriwal got ‘carried away’! http://indianexpress.com/article/india/politics/anna-praises-modi-govt-says-kejriwal-got-carried-away/

Looking back, Anna always harmed AAP. Remember, his tirade against AK and AAP just few days before Delhi VS election, where he said, ‘donation money’ was with AK and he has not settled the account yet? That was absolutely false and media, BJP, Congress utilised that statement maximum to belittle the mass movement.
Later he supported Mamta Banerjee as PM candidate, which I have elaborated in the above quoted article, but Anna backtracked sooner than later, probably on the advice of his inner circle who were closely working with BJP and corporates, like VK Singh, Kiran Bedi etc. as Mamta’s rise was likely to harm Modi more than AK!
Now when AAP needs maximum support and favourable situation to revive its cadres’ morale, strengthen party’s organisation, philosophies before the next election, regain people’s faith; the corporates’ advisors thought it necessary to attack Arvind Kejriwal at this crucial point, so that his party’s capabilities to revive is demolished and corporates’ control over the government and our natural wealth, market remains unchallenged! Anna obliged!!
In the final analysis, Anna, even if he did not plan to support the RSS plot to capture power with the help of our corporate and foreign investors but surely now he is supporting their move consciously. I quote AK “Anna is misadvised”; is wrong, we must understand that Anna Hazare is not a child, he has seen enough politics and is responsible as a mass leader whatever he says or does! Whatever, his action is harming people’s unity against corporates’ assisted corrupt system!
Sounds harsh for most of the JLPB movement supporters, but revolution, a serious business for the people, demands concrete analysis of concrete situation for its success and there is nothing like being harsh to distractive move!
Anna has deserted the mass movement and helped degrade the rare chance of India to be free of corruption, crime, unemployment after 1974-77 rise! AAP and its leader AK, youths, volunteers must understand this big vicious circle of RSS, corporates, imperialists and BJP, Congress to loot the people. Greatest leaders in the past have ditched mass movement world over for various reasons like commission, lack of understanding of revolution, politics, economy, unable to resist greed of becoming darling of corporates’ media(memory of Anna writing to Rajnath Singh, seeking his help to erect his own statue in UP is fresh), or whatever they may be! They must be dumped as soon as possible to save the scatterings of the revolutionary flame!