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Amateur plane watchers first caught a glimpse of an unmarked Gulfstream V business jet flying above Scotland at 45,000 feet on the morning of June 25, 2013. Tail number – N977GA – has been associated with previous CIA rendition flights. While aircraft was allegedly not reporting its progress to air-traffic controllers and had not filed a flight plan, the enthusiasts were able to track the plane’s radar transponder signal using a technique called multilateration.

This was an effort by the USA to intercept Snowden before he reached Moscow! They even tried grounding Bolivian plane with the President on board to find Snowden there but failed.

Obama had said, he is not going to scramble his jets to catch a 29 year whistle blower but LOL, he did and failed!
Imperialism has acquired gigantic size but due its own contradiction, it will disintegrate like USSR!