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There are hundreds of news of rapes and manhandling women every day and unless something is different, common man along with media do not pay attention to such “minor incidents”. We are used to it.
However, there have been 2 incidents today, which has shaken the intelligentsia class of India, even if media is forced to keep relatively mum, which degrades women worse than barbaric era!
First one is the statement by the TMC MP which asks his followers to go and rape the CPM female members openly. TMC on its part has distanced from such statement as inappropriate!! That means no further action! Is this only a political vendetta or an insult to all women kind?
Second is the verdict of Ahmadabad court against Narendra Modi, in which it says he has done an offence by not declaring his marital status but no FIR can be lodged due time bar! Is this justice? That too against PM? Is he entitled to remain as PM? What message goes down to common man and the women of this country and the goons who think they are entitled to protect culture of India?
The basis of women’s oppression and exploitation is economy, same as in case of child labour. These workers are available on lower wages as opposed to men. This percolates down to social and sexual discrimination and exploitation. Socially too women are harassed or even raped to keep them “disciplined” and behave with those who are socially at higher status! Remember, the so called rebellions of DRC in African continent raped more than 3000 women in 7 days, when they had captured some part of that country and UNO observers did nothing and spared their lives with the warning that they must not support government forces!!

Further, our society has been made to degenerate in all respects, be it religiosity, national chauvinism, casteism, regionalism, corruption, etc. This has been done by the political parties with their media to bar any true unity of mass against the rotten system! Superstition is part of such planned and even unplanned act to help big corporates to loot mass, natural resources of our country and the market! Women are worst sufferers!
Yet, in present system also, if our people rise, women can be safer and respectable. We must understand that they hold half the sky. Hope people rise above their “common sense” to understand the true nature of our politicians, religious heads and unite to thwart their ugly design to undermine our human values and make our sisters, daughters and mothers feel not only comfortable in our own society but also join us in our development!
Women, on their part, are struggling for their status, not only in India but the world over. There has to be a united effort by all progressive forces for the final victory.