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I am getting a weird feeling these days. I had been criticising political parties for their criminal and corrupt activities, their closeness to Ambani, Adani for their interest and commission in lieu, their anti people acts, them looting our national wealth and making MNCs too join in this loot for more money! Comparing Congress and BJP who have same economic and foreign policies and are equally corrupt and help each other, like retaining Vadra’s privileges in lieu of letting Modi off hook for his role in 2002 riots, even having known all his crimes through CBI! ETC!!! What is the outcome? AAP did well by managing 1 Crore votes, approx. 2 % of polled but failed to break the cycle of corrupt and criminal rulers; that is by Congress, BJP or Third Front! Big corporates retained their hold on state and its machinery in 1977 and now as well. Few big names like Anna or even Ramdev, Kiran Bedi etc were “incorporated” in the present system and whole system of exploitation, loot continues. Revolutionary flame does not wait for any society, like CB clouds’ it did come spontaneously, may be with the help of some organisations like IAC, retained a bit by AAP but lost its bearing, or was made to do so by huge, huge propaganda by the controlled media, foreign agencies and our own corrupt parties who combined to stop the rise of mass and succeeded a bit. Only time will tell, how much AAP is able to retain the anger of mass!! So what is my weird feeling? Is it possible to do a revolution from within the system with the tools of system to change it, forget about annihilating the rotten system? Yes, I know all the fight to change has to be done within the system, but with same parliament, police, judiciary existing? Remember the case of Allende of Chile? He did succeed in forming the government through election but in less than 3 years, US executed coup de tat through military because of his pro people activity, which was causing huge loss or reduced profit to US companies!! But is this not India? What great difference we have? We are bigger and ‘democratic’? Yes, this is my dilemma! AAP formed government in Delhi but could not control the state machinery as they were with old system, though, it still did many good things to us, like electricity, water, etc! At India level? Things may not be much different, or may be tougher. So, will the political revolution succeed with old machinery existing, opposing people’s movement and even if government is formed, will it be allowed to function as it will like to be? Political assassinations are not common in India but in special cases it may happen, even military take over possible to thwart the existing control over natural wealth, market and public property by big corporates and MNCs! So should we change our revolutionary strategy?