My reply to a friend, elsewhere, who thinks Capitalism is the best system evolved in the world and will stay for ever on earth
Capitalism has failed world over with 1 Billion hungry people who do not have roof!
Number of people murdered since 2nd WW is more than during the war itself.
India has more than 2 Crore prostitutes and 10 Crore Child Labours for basic survival.
Indian population since independence has not grown more than 5 times, but GDP has grown more than 50 times, yet poverty has risen!
So if socialism, which has been adopted by various Indian political parties, like Congress and even BJP in name of Gandhian Socialism, has failed, Capitalism too has failed here and world over!
So talking about failed system is only to be-fool ourselves!
A new system must evolved and not capitalism, which incidentally has failed to ride over the economic recession, which comes periodically, since 200 years!
Capitalism was a passing system in human civilisation and now must be buried, like feudalism earlier!
Only by demolishing Capitalism and its advance form Imperialism, there is going to be long lasting peace between USA and Russia and world over!