The state and its machinery, including judiciary, army etc developed in course of human’s evolution, to protect the society’s wealth and its members’ security from external threat. As time passed and as wealth increased from simple herds of domesticated animals and personal tools to accumulated grains in godowns, clothes, machines, landed property, jewelry etc; the social wealth got morphed into personal property to ensure inheritance! ———–This led to formations of small landlords, kingdom, and finally in forms of states based on democracy but the written and unwritten laws remained in the service of private property, which are gigantic today, and has power to run not only huge corporations but governments and its various machinery as well!! ——Yes, constitutions of few developed countries belie this understanding of origin of private property, state, state machinery and written laws but is necessary to understand the nature and composition of “Independent Judiciary”!! ————-India by and large has copied British constitution and is meant to rule the occupied populace and not to help them to develop in democratic fashion. This constitution helps change the rule to annul FIR against Ambani but has no time to look into a case against a man who is rotting in jail for 10 years!!!!!!!!!! We do not need reform our rules but need to replace our system formed to take care of property and not people!!!!!!!!!!