Pankaj Prasoon

Trayvon Martin
seventeen year old
stepped out of the apartment called Retreat
at Twin Lakes housing complex
he had gone to meet his father, father’s girlfriend, and his baby brother

in Sanford, Florida
On February 26
for a bag of Skittles candy and iced tea
he was wearing Hoodie
Neighborhood Watch leader, George Zimmerman
saw him walking home from the store
he became suspicious
called the police
impatient, he didn’t wait for the police
28-year-old Zimmerman shot gunfire
killed Trayvon
his cries for help went in vain
unarmed black teenager
Trayvon was killed
’cause he was a black boy
Zimmerman wasn’t a cop
which he wanted to be
police questioned Zimmerman, then released him
he claimed he killed Trayvon in “self-defense”—
Zimmerman was armed with a handgun,
Trayvon possessed a bag of Skittles and an iced tea can

Trayvon’s life didn’t matter for him
his dead body was a trophy for him
Zimmerman was not arrested
police relied on him
his version of the gruesome murder
it did background check drug/alcohol test on Trayvon,

not on Zimmerman, the shooter.
Ramarley Graham,
was shot by the police
in the bathroom of his home
in the presence of his grandmother
and 6-year-old brother.
another Black teen,
Jateik Reed beaten
Dane Scott Jr. killed by the police
in high speed chase
all the three were black
the state of Georgia executed Troy Anthony Davis
an innocent African American
The US is a free country
land of equal opportunities
where 2.3 million people are in jails
more than 900,000 of them are Black
-a jailed democracy!