Forum For Muslim Studies And Analysis(FMSA) welcomes Obama’s visit; Aligarh on 23 Nov, 2014!!

What a religious body; be Muslim, Christian or Hindu; got to do with Obama’s visit to India. Obama is one of the worst dictator of the present world, who works for the arms dealer and huge oil corporations and their profit!

USA/NATO are in race to re capture the world market, re-divide, each and every corner of the Earth, be it Africa, Ukraine, Libya, Syria, Latin America, Africa, etc. India, part of BRICS, has been the target of these imperialists since long and both Congress and BJP have been espousing the American companies, MNCs to exploit our natural wealth, public property and market. Mind it its not for the benefit of common man, peasants and workers but for them and our own corporates, Ambani/Adani and this is very clearly visible by the Modi government’s act!

In fact BJP government is accelerating the Congress foreign and economic policies. Welcoming the imperialists is part of these policies and many local parties, corporates’ media joining the chorus to show their eagerness in welcoming the master.

Let us, the progressive and revolutionary forces be away from such slavery and anti people acts and if possible oppose these shameless loot of our country by the corporate world, their henchmen and MNCs via FDI!!