Page 345 from Telangana People’s Struggle and its Lessons!!(In 1950, after British left India in 1947 by “people’s” government!!!!!!)!This government was led by non other than the “Democratic” Nehru and “Iron man” Sardar Ballav Bhai Patel, who had replaced Nizam “tyranny” to free the mass from exploitation!

In 1952, in Parliament, Communist MPs from Andhra and Kerala exposed the brutal manner in which the police attempted to force the arrested militants to rape their own sisters and mothers in the police lock-ups.

Every democrat, every fighter for a decent and better life for the people, must envisage what to expect from the maddened ruling classes, the landlords and the monopolists, and from the Government, when their power is challenged. Even now, during 1970-71, what the armed police of the Indira Gandhi Government is doing in the Srikakulam agency of Andhra Pradesh, and in certain localities of W. Bengal, only goes to prove how easily the ruling classes resort to raping of women, a most vicious way of torture and barbarity, so as to strike terror into the people. We should all be prepared to meet it, and train our womenfolk to defend themselves and fight back the cruel enemy.