Taliban, MB, Boko Haram, ISIS, and any other extremist organisations, created by USA/NATO were not, what are they today! The ideology of religiosity was injected slowly but for longer time consistently to make people, a section of them at least, total slaves and terrorists!

Nazism was not product of over night effort, but a consistent effort through money, spreading superstition, national chauvinism, paid media made, etc made it possible, the outcome, which we saw later!

Seeing any event for a given moment, that is metaphysically, is unscientific. We must understand events like RSS in India, Ukraine where Nazi/Hitler, even though he did belong to Germany, is being praised, propagated as human saviour!

These parasites are henchmen of big corporates, hate mongers and are fascists! If today, by saying produce 4, 5 or 10 children, Bedi giving certificates to RSS as nationalist organisation to meet her greed of CM post, may look minor, harmless incidents but are part of greater conspiracy of terrorism and dictatorship. We can see its counter product; laws being amended to free Ambani from crime, grab peasants land, deprive workers’ from fighting illegal exactions from the masters!

See things in passing, connect it with past and look into future; unite with progressive forces and not black and fascist forces!!