When are people going to start realizing how barbaric and enslaving society has become??
– It should be self-evident that we have been lied to, stolen from, cheated, and oppressed by our “elected” officials and government.
– Why are people so ignorant, accepting the stripping of our rights, not only as citizens but as HUMANS?
– Why do many feel money is a means to happiness and an “end”?
– How do you justify war (mass murder) with our taxes??
– Why are you so afraid to speak up?
– Why do you think it’s appropriate to spend approximately 50% of the budget on the industrial war complex?
– Why do you feel a groups rights are more important than individual human rights?
– Why do you believe the farce our media has become?
– Why isn’t education and critical thinking our number one priority?
– Why are you unaccepting of others based on their religious beliefs, color of their skin, or sexual orientation?
– Why do we have money for bombs , yet we have hungry and shelter-less people?
– Why do we allow ourselves to be poisoned?
– Why is ok for the Fed to print money out of nothing, but if we do it we go to jail?
– Why do you believe you are “superior”?
– Why do you hate?
– Why are you so afraid to spread and be “love”?
– Why do you listen to and accept authority when you know the authority to be morally and ethically wrong and unjust?
– Why do you continue to participate in a “system” that oppresses individual freedom?
– Why do you fear the amazing potential of the “self” and collective consciousness?
– Why do you believe their is no other way?
– Why do you regurgitate instead of think?
– Why are you so willing to please?
– Why are you afraid to EVOLVE?
– Why are you ok simply watching instead of acting?
– Why are you afraid of personal responsibility?
– Why do you think destroying the EARTH is ok?
– Why won’t you allow yourself to be YOU to be HUMAN to demand TRUTH?