RT News:

“Rescuers in Bangladesh searched through the wreckage of a factory on Friday, a day after it collapsed killing at least seven people, Reuters said. Soldiers and sailors in the port town of Mongla, 335km southwest of the capital, Dhaka, helped emergency services pull out nearly 50 survivors as well as two more bodies overnight. “Most of the people inside the building have been rescued alive,” senior district official Mohammad Shah Alam Sardar said. After the accident on Thursday, police estimated that 100 people were trapped but the number was much lower, according to Sardar. Thirty people were injured, officials said. The factory was still under construction when its roof collapsed.”
This is not the first time, when such incidence in Bangladesh or elsewhere has taken place! And 99% of these are easily avoidable if the needed safety measures and the new technologies are used but the profiteers have no such heart, nay, no such ‘need’ to adopt these measures as the capital’s need is to grow and not save the creators!!    #Socialism