First time in Indian history, the Capital got a chance to rule India openly and  not through proxy rule!

It worked very hard; started investing in Narendra Modi, raised big event manager, bought media to show him as Vikas Purush(Progress Man), mixed his rhetoric with religiosity and national chauvinism, RSS/Ramdev joined JLPB movement to break away mass from it for Modi, propagated Hindu Rashtra, bought trolls to run Social Media and photo shopped all hatred messages to counter opponents, plotted against Advani and other internal resistance, etc in addition to billions of Rupees!

This massive preparation was aided by MNCs, foreign Cos, paid Think Tanks including foreign Cos like APCO, Modi’s face lift, etc!

Well, they succeeded in side lining other threats like AAP and ‘peacefully’ engineered replacement of Congress, their previous puppet! A safe delivery!

However, the inherent danger of promises made, people’s awakened political consciousness, opposition’s greed and opportunism to share power & loot, etc was not to be satisfied by rhetoric and jingoism!

Modi’s victory followed its anti thesis very soon in Delhi, where its dream to rule turned into 3 seats! Now, exposure of corrupt ministers Shushama Swaraj, Vasundhara Raje, Munde, etc has shocked Narendra Modi, though he was never an honest man and dishonest leaders from Congress and allied had a major share in his victory, which incidentally was in numbers of MPs but not in voters’ share, which was mere 31% of total cast votes!
Coming election in Bihar is witnessing unity among other opportunist camp, viz, Lalu Yadav, Nitish Kumar and Congress! This is going to break the myth of Modi wave, which as said was based on mere 31% and that was exploded in previous by poll!

So, what is the Corporate India and Imperialism going to do, which enjoyed 13 months uninterrupted hegemony; Land Acquisition Bill promulgated, Labour’s Law diluted, Child labour legalised, FDI despite being opposed by BJP widely accepted including in Defence, Suicide legalised, JLPB/RTI murdered!

Despite world recession and slowdown, Capital was making profit on cost of working class and peasants which was in worse condition! But a real threat is impending on its free run! Though Congress, its allies and even AAP are not opposed to Capital’s exploitation; officially they support it, approve “Free Market” economy, which is replaced long back by Monopoly and imperialism but open exploitation will be retarded and chance to recover their investment in Modi with interest will be doomed!

So, there comes old and tested method, the Fascism! Merge religiosity and national chauvinism with politics, ensure a portion of population with them through money, power and emotions and crush the rest and keep hegemony intact!

One can smell it, many examples are in sight! Vyapam Scam deaths and rising communal incidents and media, Social Media’s involvement to promote dictatorship are few examples!

Counter Fascism

This is not simply anti thesis of fascism, that is, return back to Congress regime but a people’s democracy, defeat of Capital by destroying its genes of exploitation, by socialisation of all social property and national natural wealth, in short all means of production!

Need to make a National Front, consisting progressive and revolutionary forces, to counter ping pong of Capital’s puppets sharing the power and befooling the mass!

This and only this will abolish the seeds of exploitation, communal forces, corruption, unemployment; we need Scientific Socialism!