Full article on above issue on TOI   http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/india/Worryingly-high-number-of-job-seekers-aged-20-29/articleshow/50290634.cms

“Those in the crucial early phase of adult life, between 20 to 34 years of age, make up a mind boggling 47 percent of the whole army of job seekers in India. Of the entire population aged 20 or more, about 718 million, one-fifth or 143.8 million were seeking jobs.”
Further, “Women constitute nearly 60% of non-workers who are seeking or available for work.”
This census can not be regarded as complete in any respect! Further, the effect of new liberalism is not seen in this census, as later than 2011 is not available, though we know, situation has worsened!
Labour laws and land acquisition is liquidated and made pro capitalists, wages have been reduced, inflation rising everyday, corruption and crime rising; in nut shell life is unbearable!
Only means to defeat the rise of working class and peasants is fascism, which is visible all around!
What is role of revolutionary party? Defeat the plot of fascists, unite working class, peasants; replace capitalism by Scientific Socialism!!