Do you wish to mask this capitalist beast with a human veil?


Must read the above article, before serving capitalism, the most ugly and the worst dictatorship in the history of mankind! From the above, I quote a paragraph:-

“Moreover, the memory of my abduction — I will not call it an arrest as it was done in the most brutal, unlawful manner — is still stark in my memory. So are memories from years of torture in the jail, the death of my parents, the lack of an education and much more. They took me in as an innocent teenager, kept me in a cell like enclosure for a week, stripped and tortured me. When I covered my genitals, they said to me, don’t be shy. This is our work, we see all this every day. I couldn’t imagine that these people were policemen. I was almost certain they were goons who wanted something. For a week, they gave me…

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