Instead of hating those who are demanding reservation, think laterally! A report, approximately 2 weeks back, said there are 18 Crore youths unemployed in India! It must be more, as data manipulation is normal here, like GDP! Semi-employed, on 4-5000 Rupees/pm are much more!

We are fighting for something, demanding share, which does not exist! 23 Lakhs applications for less than 500 jobs, that too of peon, tells every thin!!

If at all, demand for 100% reservation for all working hands! Education, health to all!

Let us rise above reservation, religion, national chauvinism, to fight to change the base! The production system, monopolised by few, for sole reason of profit, which is the main evil! Understand, unite the working class for a planned struggle, to overthrow the present for a just society, where there is no exploitation of man by man!! #Socialism