Say no to reform! 1000s of reforms only change the face of exploitation & not the basic condition! Only revolution to free man from any form of exploitation by another man!


William Morris

William Morris was born this day in 1834

I will begin by saying that I call myself a Communist, and have no wish to qualify that word by joining any other to it. The aim of Communism seems to me to be the complete equality of condition for all people; and anything in a Socialist direction which stops short of this is merely a compromise with the present condition of society, a halting-place on the road to the goal. This is the only logical outcome of any society which is other than a close company sustained by violence for the express purpose of ‘the exploitation of man by man’ in the interest of the strongest. Our present ‘society’ dominated by capitalism, the society of contract, is a form of this class-society which has been forced upon those who hold the slave ideal by the growth of knowledge and the acquirement…

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