“… growth in “discrepancies” contributed 51% of the growth in GDP in the March quarter. What would GDP growth be if these “discrepancies” are left out? In the March 2016 quarter, at constant prices, it would be, hold your breath, a mere 3.9%.”

Here is full article: http://www.livemint.com/Opinion/kvvDHfbryOQjvu2l16UcEI/Discrepancies-drive-GDP-growth.html
This manipulation in GDP is worldwide phenomenon! This helps creation of “Economic Bubble”, the base of speculative, finance, fictitious capital, hedge money! All these names may be different, but have common ancestor, that is, Industrial Capital!

Due recession, and legal, economic, political restrictions, they have taken birth and grown to ‘replace’ the mother! Quick profit is the only motive! Their migration from one part of globe to another is very simple, by a simple click of mouse on some certain web pages!

High growth rate must be shown to lure the middle and small investors, who on the average are losers, despite their cunningness!

If you can not join war against bourgeois class, Capital usurping your hard earned money, at least, remain away from their plot!