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This to ensure control of 64 criminal parasites over the globe!!
What are we clapping for? They are neither for us but for our cheap labour, land, minerals, mines, accumulated public property by our workers since decades, for profit!
No religion, no national slogan will save us but our unity against these robotic monsters, who survive on our dead labour, that is, profit!


“More than 1mn children starve as Yemen war rages – UN agencies
Around 1.5 million children in Yemen are malnourished and half the population lives in hunger, UN aid agencies said on Friday. Yemen’s 18-month war has left 370,000 children at risk of severe malnutrition – a condition which needs urgent treatment to prevent a child from dying – the UN children’s agency UNICEF said in Geneva. World Food Program spokeswoman Bettina Luescher said because of diminishing resources and increased needs the UN agency has had to split food aid into smaller rations to reach 6 million people every month. Around 7 million Yemenis are “desperately in need of food”, she said, and the situation could worsen as the war rages.” (Reuters)