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“60% said the Naxalites were good for the area and only 34% felt life had improved since they were beaten back. As for whether exploitation has increased after the Naxalite influence waned, 48% said it had against 38% who said it hadn’t, the rest offering no opinion.”
What a massive defeat to the right wing ruling government of the big capitalists, ideologically! It is clear victory of this struggle, as it gets mass support. S
Sadly, the tactics adopted by the Naxalites (Marxists, Leninists, maoists) have alienated the mass in affected area and outside of it! The full working class in urban India is almost out of this struggle! Other available means to mobilize a popular movement is buried!
Would they do a critical appraisal, I am sure they will to find the flaw which led their defeat or may be even a temporary defeat, and change the tactics & strategy to achieve the goal!
The Communist party must be able to mobilise the working class in urban area, mines, factories and all other oppressed masses, use whatever available in the bourgeois democracy to raise struggle and unity among the proletarians, peasants, before launching all out war against the enemy!