Gradual reforms leading to revolution! Chains of reforms in any given class divided society, presently capitalism, which is for exploitations of the majority by the very small minorities!
These ideas are ‘generated and promoted by the bourgeois ideologues! Their main concern is to control the rising discontent, create confusion in their unity & struggle and give additional life to the degenerated old, rotten, reactionary political, economic, social order. They and their masters enjoy immense fruits of such divisive role!
What is our role? Role of the revolutionaries? To play hide & seek with these dream sellers, capitalist theoreticians or smash them outrightly? Many revolutionary parties prefer to have ‘additional’ popular platforms, parties, organisations to penetrate into the exploited, toiling masses. Indoctrinate them with revolutionary ideology and bring such comrades in prime struggle for a socialist society!
Where are we?