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Defeating Modi or RSS (British creation, treason is in its blood) or its political agenda is not our final goal! The rising fascism undoubtedly is of immediate concern, for which the National Democratic Front, unity & struggle is the need!
Our agenda must be to demolish 500 years old, diseased capitalism, whose historical task is over long back and now is causing irreversible damage to our society, to the people, to the productive forces!
Unemployment, poverty & hunger, terrorism & war, corruption & crime is every day affair! The support lifeline of Capitalism, in ICU, is with the help of religion, caste, regionalism, personality cult! Exposing the present is not sufficient, but the solution is only #Socialism!
Defeating fascism and letting another capitalist party to take over the state power, same thing in some different time will be repeated!
Revolutionary party with revolutionary ideology is need of the hour!