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GDP Growth rate(2016) Vs children wasting (%)
Brazil -3.2/1.6
South Africa 1.0/4.7
Indonesia 5.1/13.5
India 7.5/15.1
Further if one calculates the growth of the Indian GDP at the time of Independence vs now, one will find that it has grown more than 55 times, leaving the black money aside, inside India or abroad. The population has grown less than 5 times! That should apply that an Indian should be 5 times richer that what he was in 1947. But the poverty has risen, and today 80% population lives in poverty!
That means, the GDP is meant for the affluent class, comprising 1% and for its politicians, puppets and agents!
Only SOcialism, where the means of property is socialised, where the national wealth & public property is for the working class and peasants, where the wage slavery is abolished, will ensure all round betterment of life of the people, 100% employment, free health and education for all.
Capitalism is the mother of all evil, it has lived its life and needs to buried, as it is hindrance to the progress of the productive forces, science, society and individual development!