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The so called centre of anti imperialism! Today, there is rush, among middle class Russians, pseudo intellectuals, social democrats, renegade Trots, upholders of Kautsky & Tito and others to show their patriotism for the Father or Mother land Russia!
The Right Wing parasites are even glorifying Stalin, who as per them was symbol of Russian glory, of course without his ideology!!
This trend is Universal. Indian bourgeois parties garland Marxist Bhagat Singh, icon of revolution, without talking about his ideology on working class, atheism, socialism, his party HSRA!
Capitalism not only breeds unemployment, cyclic economic recession that destroys the productive forces, war but also the working class, which is destined to destroy it and usher Socialism.
Private property, the base of all evils today, must be buried in favour of social wealth to end all forms of exploitation of man by man!

“One of the most striking pictures from Sunday’s protests against corruption in Moscow was that of a girl in a white coat being carried away by several Russian police officers [before being taken to a nearby police van].”