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Secularism in Capitalism is on the mercy of bourgeois class. When in crisis, it uses its tested & tried weapons, like religion, nationalism, colour, etc!
The ground for this was maturing since long. Since early 1990s, Indian bourgeois class; in hands in gloves with the international finance capital & institutions IMF, World Bank; has been marching ahead! The working class leadership failed not only to see this, but helped it by allying with Congress, till the last Bengal election.
The base of communalism, fascism is capitalism, the advancing capital against the labour, for higher profit rate.
Class unity & struggle became alien for the leadership, as they had become used to easy lives, in & out of Parliament, air conditioned comforts, even though may had remained honest “legally”. Revolutionary programmes were replaced by revisionism!
New groups, organisations, parties upholding proletarian revolution are rising. Hope of the exploited is with them and the old is withering away in the cobweb of election, comfortable lives, revisionism, etc!
These rallies and appeals have become meaningless! By the way, TMC, under the leadership of Mamata Banerjee, too, is struggling against rising communalism & fascism! Congress has lost the ground to fight this monster, as it was the mother of it. Congress’s Neo-liberalism or reform is adopted 100% by the BJP government, only the mask has changed, with a slogan of Hindu Rashtra and Cow, Temple, Anti Muslim and in act, even anti Dalits, anti women!
Path to counter this ugly, militant henchmen is resistance on a single political line, which leads to Socialist Revolution!