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Mother Earth has multifold problems. Overpopulation, global warming, environmental degradation, etc. All these problems are related to production by mankind for profit.
Production is necessary for the mankind to sustain itself, produce basic subsistence and modern gadgets to live with minimum manual work, diminishing working hours, so that it can use the leisure for entertainment, study, art, cultural and spiritual activities, travel, etc. This differentiates mankind from the animal kingdom. More the advanced science & technology, more the productivity, more the difference between between a man and an animal!
But, the profit, extraction of ‘Surplus Value’ from the working class by very few big capitalists has foiled the above objectives. In fact, this process has enslaved the mankind and the present right wing policies has further degraded the mankind to ensure divided working class and more and more profit for the master, the ruling class!
This profit (rate) and forced competitions among the bourgeois class to remain ahead of its competitors forces it to overlook the environmental degradation in mines, in factories, where the chemical and emission of poisonous gas, etc go unchecked. Deforestation and global warming is part of such production and services. Governments, whether under the control of the big capitalists or in hands in gloves with them, overlooks this process. Corruption takes birth and matures in these competitions.
So friends, whatever we, as individuals or in groups, or with the help of some NGOs do to save the mother Earth, we will fail. Solution is to stop production for profit and convert it into production for survival and use by the members of society.
In short, it means demolish Capitalism, replace it with Socialism. That will ensure not only 100% employment of the workers, peasants, eradicate illiteracy, ignorance, superstition but also end terrorism, war and finally save our mother Earth, probably the only known planet in the Universe, which sustains life!