Tej Bahadur Yadav, BSF soldier was in media for having uploaded video showing the poor quality of food being served to soldiers in forward areas. The poor quality was due corruption by the officers, who stole part of it for their own pockets and for their own families.
Further, there was complain by his wife that her husband was incommunicado! Now he is dismissed by BSF on some inquiry, which must be for being undisciplined for going to media.
The dismissed soldier is likely to go to Court, but what relief will he get is anyone’s guess.
The old mindset of Armed & Paramilitary Forces will uphold this order. Complain by Jawans will not be taken in positive manner. Some even may say that the departmental justice or “Redress of Grievances” should have been seeked.
Not only the substandard food but even the menial jobs by the soldiers, including household, kitchen, laundry works at officer’s residence is taken as right by those who want the feudal culture to continue!
You will see them supporting RSS agenda, even though badly backstabbed on OROP! Sycophancy is part of loyalty, without much difference.
The much needed change in our society is not possible by those political parties, organisations who want the ‘golden Indian culture’ to continue, though they are gladly & greedily taking commissions from their capitalist masters!
Need to demolish capitalist mode of production, which ‘needs’ and reproduces feudal culture!
The society is beyond the capability of changing itself through reforms. What we need is revolution.