To save environment, save Mother Earth, the humans must change the motive behind production, which is essential for its very survival, be grains, goods, services.
Presently we are producing for profit, which is leading to fast degradation of our planet, the only known living planet in the Universe, so far.
We need to produce for the consumption and only as much as is required!
In short, mankind must transit into Socialism from Capitalism, which is reproducing on extended scale unemployment, poverty, ignorance, superstition, war, terrorism and degradation of Mother Earth to a critical point, from where she may lose her capability to recoup in foreseeable future!

Gringa of the Barrio

When fretting over the future effects of climate change, one may be worrying about just how hot it will get, how many coastal cities and islands will be lost to rising oceans or the massive loss of life through drought and famine. But what about mystery diseases? Yep. Add one more thing to your climate change related anxiety list. Mystery diseases.

You see, frozen in the Arctic and Antarctic tundra and ice sheets are pathogens that have been imprisoned for more than a millennia. And climate change is going to bring about the big thaw that will set them free. Many of them have never before been encountered by modern man. Remember what happened when Europeans introduced strange pathogens to indigenous peoples in their invasive travels? Yeah, without natural resistance, those native populations were decimated with disease.

So what exactly is lurking in the permafrost and ice?

–   Example:   August…

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