Convert FB/Twitter friends into a cohesive, fighting organisation on ground against Fascism! Delay will cause further loss of initiative and loss of our strength. Presently, we are in massive majority and we are the creators of the nation!
Revolutionary path is already shown by Bhagat Singh, his party HSRA! Our division in name of caste, religion, colour, region, personality cult is desirable by our enemy, who are plundering us every day at increasing rate. Their bestial lust for profit in insatiable!
Additionally, the enemy is in minority, is standing on marshy ground, its ideology is old, rotten and unscientific and has no future. Its survival is only due our division!
Unity & struggle is the only solution to save ourselves, give us a society, where we can work and live like human beings.
Only that society will demolish all forms of exploitation of a man by another man. Be economic, political or social against minorities, dalits, tribes, women, workers, peasants, soldiers! And even save the Mother Earth!