“We will not allow such nefarious plans to succeed. Under Mamata Banerjee’s leadership, the Trinamool Congress will keep Bengal safe and secure. And secular.”
(From the post of a member of TMC, quoted at the bottom of the post)
High hopes. What you analysed is right but the conclusion is illogical, which I have quoted. What we are facing is nothing but fascism, the worst criminal & degenerated form of capitalism, qualitatively more dangerous than other forms of capitalism; like Crony Capitalism, State Capitalism, Equitable Capitalism, Social Democracy, Emergency (Where even the limited democratic rights are suspended), Imperialism, etc.
Can Fascism be fought by another capitalist party? In fact; its these capitalist parties, Congress (And BJP) and their various allies in the past (TMC, SP, BSP, RJD, JDU, DMK, AIADMK, SS, MNS, PDP, AAP, Swaraj India, etc) have helped to prepare the ground for fascism, to let the big capitalists plunder the working class, farmers.
Fascism is not for merely capturing power, but to enhance the rate of profit of the big capitalists, even forcibly, plundering the land of the tribes to let capitalists harvest super profit, destroy all the Labour Laws, let MNCs capture our market and natural wealth, FDIs.
(Incidentally, the rate of profit has a tendency to fall continuously, despite all technical advancements, human resources techniques, miserly expenditures. Result is seen in reductions in wages of the workers, lengthening their working hours, inflammation, unemployment. This is inherent in capitalism. Cut in labour expenditure, wage forces economic crisis at a regular period, as the products cannot be purchased by the wages dished out by the capitalists, service providers, financiers.)
Fascism has economic goal, masked by religion, national chauvinism, personality cult, caste, colour, creed. Naturally, to fight against fascism, the base must be destroyed, that is capitalism must be replaced by socialism, which you are deadly against!
So, forget about defeating this monster. This has to be done by the working class, peasants who are the worst sufferers and must unite to dispossess the criminal parasites. This unity must be on a revolutionary ideology, which understands capitalism as a transient phenomenon in human civilisation, which replaced feudalism 500 years back and is now old and on deathbed and must be replaced by Socialism.
Lastly, secularism in capitalism is on the mercy of the ruling class and not its natural character, and it can be destroyed as and when “needed”, especially during economic crisis, to break the unity of the exploited class and accelerate the plunder with force, with a section of the society, with paid goons in street & on Social Media as well and with the State itself.
Bhagat Singh! #HSRA!

http://www.ndtv.com/opinion/rumour-spreading-society-rss-and-bjp-playing-with-fire-1721665 (Rumour Spreading Society (RSS) And BJP Playing With)