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“In New Delhi, the Army Headquarters described the clash — the worst of its kind since some units mutinied in 1984 — as “an incident of indiscipline,” not a mutiny. The Army has set up a court to inquire into the incident.”
“The batman system was long abandoned in the British Army, from which India drew it; even Pakistan dropped the institution in 2004. In India, however, it remains in place — a major cause of humiliation for men enlisted to serve their country.”
(From the post in name of “Ladakh troop revolt underlines Army class tensions” in HT dated dated 12 May, 2012. Full article: http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/ladakh-troop-revolt-underlines-army-class-tensions/article3412907.eceP)
Old news but situation has not changed. The Army HQ has reviewed this system this year only and have decided to continue it. We had recent resistance in many other services as well against this degrading works and over the quality of food served to the soldiers.
This exists in worse conditions in para military forces, police and even in judiciary, bureaucracy where lower ranked employees, like peons, drivers, sweepers have to do “Begari” (Unpaid job) at the officers’ residences.
When the feudalism has been replaced in India, capitalism exists in every corner of the society, government departments, why the feudal privileges are continued? Due massive unemployment, where the lower ranks have to accept menial jobs and humiliations. And the force and oppression!
Time to do this much needed “Reform” in our bureaucracy, armed forces, judiciary and of course, the biggest ‘Feudal” lords, the ministers, lawmakers, capitalists themselves!