Trumpism:How do you expect, they will not happen with you, what you have been doing in other countries?Trump was “chosen” by the big capitalist class of the US, through their political manager, viz, Republicans and the voters elected him, albeit he did not get the majority. Curtsy Electoral College, where the voters elect their President through indirect method, and Trump came into power, who was a known misogynist, mentally unstable, corrupt man. Even if he was defeated, Hillary Clinton was not much different for the capitalist class.

The extreme rot in capitalism has forced the ruling class to go for such criminals, rioters, saboteurs but who can mesmerize the population through their speechifying, spectacles! These “cults” are created by the corporate world, through their media, social media, and other propaganda means. We have such leaders in other countries as well, and had such leaders in past, like Khrushchev, Hitler, Mussolini, etc.

#Trumpism is happening in other parts of the world, with local characteristics, and what we are witnessing is puss flowing out of the rotten wounds, which the ruling class has been sowing! Capitol Hill (Where the trump supporters created riot and 4 people died, many injured, https://www.wesh.com/article/trump-supporters-flood-dc-to-protest-election/35141408#) is merely an example, like what we saw, when many Black Men were murdered by the American police.

American people want MAGA (Make America Great Again), which is nothing but White Superracist policy! This has polarized the American society on hatred, color and nationality and may take decades to heal the hatred towards each other!

Is India different and immune to what we are witnessing in other parts of the world? No, it is happening here, right now, as well. More than 50 farmers are already martyred in ongoing Farmers Protest, more than 5000 fake encounters in UP alone in approximately 3 years, Kashmir, CAA/NRC, Demonetization which killed more than 150 people are few examples. They can compare Indian people’s minds with the minds of the voters of US; 47% voted Trump! A big section of Indian people love power, spectacles when due crisis the rulers want them to see what is not useful for the people. People need employment, education, health services but the opposition, the progressive and revolutionary forces failed to educate the people and hence, they are on other side of the fences, ready for hara-kiri, even though they are less than 35% of the population.

What is our task? Not to do what makes the ruling class happy and prolongs its lifecycle! We must bring out our demands again and again, which would make our lives worthy of human being.

While you ponder what is happening, see this analysis:(The US Capitol siege was no ‘third world country’ crisis. This was a uniquely American monsterhttps://edition.cnn.com/2021/01/07/world/us-democracy-arwa-damon-intl/index.html)