CPM calls to fight communalisation of Bengal


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Secularism in Capitalism is on the mercy of bourgeois class. When in crisis, it uses its tested & tried weapons, like religion, nationalism, colour, etc!
The ground for this was maturing since long. Since early 1990s, Indian bourgeois class; in hands in gloves with the international finance capital & institutions IMF, World Bank; has been marching ahead! The working class leadership failed not only to see this, but helped it by allying with Congress, till the last Bengal election.
The base of communalism, fascism is capitalism, the advancing capital against the labour, for higher profit rate.
Class unity & struggle became alien for the leadership, as they had become used to easy lives, in & out of Parliament, air conditioned comforts, even though may had remained honest “legally”. Revolutionary programmes were replaced by revisionism!
New groups, organisations, parties upholding proletarian revolution are rising. Hope of the exploited is with them and the old is withering away in the cobweb of election, comfortable lives, revisionism, etc!
These rallies and appeals have become meaningless! By the way, TMC, under the leadership of Mamata Banerjee, too, is struggling against rising communalism & fascism! Congress has lost the ground to fight this monster, as it was the mother of it. Congress’s Neo-liberalism or reform is adopted 100% by the BJP government, only the mask has changed, with a slogan of Hindu Rashtra and Cow, Temple, Anti Muslim and in act, even anti Dalits, anti women!
Path to counter this ugly, militant henchmen is resistance on a single political line, which leads to Socialist Revolution!


Russian Nationalism is Anti People!


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The so called centre of anti imperialism! Today, there is rush, among middle class Russians, pseudo intellectuals, social democrats, renegade Trots, upholders of Kautsky & Tito and others to show their patriotism for the Father or Mother land Russia!
The Right Wing parasites are even glorifying Stalin, who as per them was symbol of Russian glory, of course without his ideology!!
This trend is Universal. Indian bourgeois parties garland Marxist Bhagat Singh, icon of revolution, without talking about his ideology on working class, atheism, socialism, his party HSRA!
Capitalism not only breeds unemployment, cyclic economic recession that destroys the productive forces, war but also the working class, which is destined to destroy it and usher Socialism.
Private property, the base of all evils today, must be buried in favour of social wealth to end all forms of exploitation of man by man!

“One of the most striking pictures from Sunday’s protests against corruption in Moscow was that of a girl in a white coat being carried away by several Russian police officers [before being taken to a nearby police van].”

GDP Growth: For Which Class?


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GDP Growth rate(2016) Vs children wasting (%)
Brazil -3.2/1.6
South Africa 1.0/4.7
Indonesia 5.1/13.5
India 7.5/15.1
Further if one calculates the growth of the Indian GDP at the time of Independence vs now, one will find that it has grown more than 55 times, leaving the black money aside, inside India or abroad. The population has grown less than 5 times! That should apply that an Indian should be 5 times richer that what he was in 1947. But the poverty has risen, and today 80% population lives in poverty!
That means, the GDP is meant for the affluent class, comprising 1% and for its politicians, puppets and agents!
Only SOcialism, where the means of property is socialised, where the national wealth & public property is for the working class and peasants, where the wage slavery is abolished, will ensure all round betterment of life of the people, 100% employment, free health and education for all.
Capitalism is the mother of all evil, it has lived its life and needs to buried, as it is hindrance to the progress of the productive forces, science, society and individual development!

Reclaim International Women’s Day for the Proletariat!

“The women’s question is therefore a class question, and the solution to it is to be found in the revolutionary struggle for socialism.” Well said!

Red Youth

Today is International Women’s Day, a day now used by many capitalist governments in an attempt to portray themselves as ‘progressive’ or ‘egalitarian’.

Formerly known as ‘International Working Women’s Day’ it was celebrated by communists the world over – in the Soviet Union, China, Spain, Germany, and countless other countries – to pay tribute to the efforts and struggles of labouring women.

Vladimir-Grebenev-RIA-Novosti-468However, in an unsurprising turn, it was robbed of its core message by the UN, when it was officially decreed that 8 March would be a day for capitalist governments to not only remove the focus on working women, but also to demonise non-western nations in the name of ‘progressivism’.

But there can be no end to misogynistic culture under capitalism, as misogyny is simply too profitable. Mainstream cinema, the cosmetics industry, fashion, general advertising, television, the music industry, and pornography are all hugely lucrative industries that require…

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Defeat Fascism: What Next?


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Defeating Modi or RSS (British creation, treason is in its blood) or its political agenda is not our final goal! The rising fascism undoubtedly is of immediate concern, for which the National Democratic Front, unity & struggle is the need!
Our agenda must be to demolish 500 years old, diseased capitalism, whose historical task is over long back and now is causing irreversible damage to our society, to the people, to the productive forces!
Unemployment, poverty & hunger, terrorism & war, corruption & crime is every day affair! The support lifeline of Capitalism, in ICU, is with the help of religion, caste, regionalism, personality cult! Exposing the present is not sufficient, but the solution is only #Socialism!
Defeating fascism and letting another capitalist party to take over the state power, same thing in some different time will be repeated!
Revolutionary party with revolutionary ideology is need of the hour!

Trotsky Lied by


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“The fact that Trotsky lied dismantles what I call the “anti-Stalin paradigm”: the Trotskyist and the Cold War anticommunist versions of Soviet history. Trotsky, of course, had to lie. He was running a serious conspiracy to get rid of Stalin, in conjunction with many supporters inside the Soviet Union and the Bolshevik Party and in collusion with Nazi Germany, militarist Japan, England and France. A conspiracy requires secrecy and lying. But who, above all, was Trotsky fooling? Not Stalin and the Soviet government. They knew he was lying. The conclusion is inescapable: Trotsky was lying in order to fool his own supporters! They were the only people who believed whatever Trotsky wrote.”
The above quote is from the post: https://communismgr.blogspot.in/2017/01/trotskys-lies-what-they-are-and-what.html?spref=fb&m=1

Violence costs world economy almost $14 trillion a year


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Businesses tend to shift investment to conflict-related goods instead of investing in the production of consumption and exportable goods. Investors also “shift from high risk, high return long-term investment to low risk, low return and short-term projects.”
A very well analysed article. 70% expenditure on external war & internal security! Unless we discard capitalism, a political economic social order based on profit for the 1% & establish Scientific Socialism, we will remain under the shadow of total annihilation, in addition to miserable life for the rest!
The quoted article is in RT: https://www.rt.com/business/375305-violence-cost-world-economy/

Reform for Revolution?



Gradual reforms leading to revolution! Chains of reforms in any given class divided society, presently capitalism, which is for exploitations of the majority by the very small minorities!
These ideas are ‘generated and promoted by the bourgeois ideologues! Their main concern is to control the rising discontent, create confusion in their unity & struggle and give additional life to the degenerated old, rotten, reactionary political, economic, social order. They and their masters enjoy immense fruits of such divisive role!
What is our role? Role of the revolutionaries? To play hide & seek with these dream sellers, capitalist theoreticians or smash them outrightly? Many revolutionary parties prefer to have ‘additional’ popular platforms, parties, organisations to penetrate into the exploited, toiling masses. Indoctrinate them with revolutionary ideology and bring such comrades in prime struggle for a socialist society!
Where are we?

India : 58% in Andhra Pradesh say Naxalism is good, finds Times of India poll


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“60% said the Naxalites were good for the area and only 34% felt life had improved since they were beaten back. As for whether exploitation has increased after the Naxalite influence waned, 48% said it had against 38% who said it hadn’t, the rest offering no opinion.”
What a massive defeat to the right wing ruling government of the big capitalists, ideologically! It is clear victory of this struggle, as it gets mass support. S
Sadly, the tactics adopted by the Naxalites (Marxists, Leninists, maoists) have alienated the mass in affected area and outside of it! The full working class in urban India is almost out of this struggle! Other available means to mobilize a popular movement is buried!
Would they do a critical appraisal, I am sure they will to find the flaw which led their defeat or may be even a temporary defeat, and change the tactics & strategy to achieve the goal!
The Communist party must be able to mobilise the working class in urban area, mines, factories and all other oppressed masses, use whatever available in the bourgeois democracy to raise struggle and unity among the proletarians, peasants, before launching all out war against the enemy!

क्या हम एक मुर्दा समाज में रह रहें हैं जिसे सब कुछ सहन करने की आदत पड़ चुकी है?

असहमत! समाज जीवित है! हर रोज किसी न किसी कोने में विरोध का आवाज बुलुंद हो रहा है! उनकी रैली तो देखो, जो महीने या फिर दो महीने पर होती है, किसी राज्य या देश स्तर पर भी, लाखों मजदुर और किसान जमा हो जाते है! और यह लोग भाजपा या कोंग्रेस की भीड़ से अलग हैं, पैसे के लिए नहीं आते, बदलाव का हिस्सा बनाने के लिए आते है!
हाँ, दो सवाल हैं? समाज कहाँ ढूंड रहे हो? मध्यम वर्गीय जनता के बीच या फिर बड़े महल में रहने वाले पूंजीपति या उनके खिदमतगार? देखो समाज को मजदुर वर्ग और किसानों के बीच! मुझे मालूम है आप भी उन्हें ही ढूंड रहे हैं!
दूसरा, हमारे ‘समाज’ का नेत्रित्व किसके हाथ में है? दुर्भाग्य की नेत्रित्व ‘वाम’ के हाथ में होने के बावजूद पूंजी के लिए ही काम कर रहा है!
मजदुर वर्ग दुनिया में अबतक सबसे विकसित वर्ग है, क्रांति के लिए सबसे उपयुक्त वर्ग, वैसे कोई दूसरा कर भी नहीं सकता! जरुरत है, उसे जागरूक करने की, शिक्षित करने की, एकताबद्ध करने की! क्रन्तिकारी उफान आने पर सही नेत्रित्व क्रांति को सही मुहीम ओअर पहूँचाने में सफल होगा!
दुनिया में मजदुर एक हो!