Lenin remains on Red Square: Bill ordering Bolshevik leader’s burial rejected by govt: RT

“Bolshevik leader Vladimir Lenin’s remains were placed in a mausoleum in Red Square soon after his death in 1924, although the present stone building was erected only in 1930. UNESCO considers the existing stone mausoleum a world heritage site, as part of the Red Square architectural ensemble.”
Right wing philistines always try to alter the history, hide or distort the revolutionary ideologies of the great revolutionaries in hope of murdering the revolution.
That is not possible, as the revolution is not conceived, planned by some genius philosophers or anthropologists, which they thought for the welfare of the mankind. But they only discovered the laws of the nature and the human civilisation based on the material conditions, which would ensure the victory of the revolution. Again, this material condition was presented to these human scientists at a particular era in human civilisation, when the productive forces had developed to a certain level, earlier it was impossible.
Revolution is inevitable as 90-95% of the wealth creators are in miserable conditions, despite working very hard, producing Trillions worth wealth, usurped by less than 1% parasitic oligarchs, with the help of the state and its machineries, meant to serve them and rule the rest!
Marxism Leninism is a science, which has developed even more than what it gave us a century back, laden with the experience of building socialism in USSR (Under the leadership of CPSU and Stalin as its leader) and other socialist nations, defeating nazis, painful restoration of capitalism due mainly internal treachery and now the resistance against the attacks on the labour by the imperialist capitalism.
Victory of the proletarian revolution is a historical necessity and is inevitable (Historical materialism). Need of the hour is to free ML from the bourgeois ideologies, which has been infested by the bourgeois class and the traitors, raise class consciousness among the working class, unite with them with the revolutionary party, the sole instrument of any revolution and destroy the base of private property (mother of all evil), establish scientific socialism.
Long live revolution. Workers of the world unite!

(Full article: https://www.rt.com/politics/402473-bill-setting-legal-grounds-for/)


Has Socialism Failed?

I disagree socialism failed, where it was built by the workers and peasants. It had abolished illiteracy and discrimination & exploitation against women, small nations, colours. The USSR, a backward agricultural country, caught up advanced Western countries and even surpassed in various industries, technologies, science, arts.
It built up military, with the help of workers, which defeated the Nazis single handedly (West joined the war, when it saw Nazis retreating to share the war proceeds), which had led the biggest military campaign in the world with the latest fighters, tanks, submarines and other lethal weapons! Many of the counter weapons were conceived by the workers, planned and manufactured. Are you aware, there were 9 Lakhs women fighters in Red Army, which consisted fighter pilots and partisans, who fought behind the enemy lines!
Even after the war, the devastated USSR, which had lost more than 2 Crores of its finest workers, farmers and its agriculture, industry, education & health institutions were destroyed, it took few months to restore its pre war level of development!
This building of a socialist society, where the commodity production was abolished, hiring of a man by another was banned, was success of Bolshevism, of Marxism Leninism and the biggest practical refutation of the myth that the working class cannot run an industry without a capitalist! This was the success of USSR and CPSU, its members and leaders!
Yes, everything is lost today, which includes the other socialist blocks as well. The treachery by Khrushchev, Tito, Trots, Social Democrats, Anarchists and their various cliches internally defeated the working class, which they never foresaw coming. Capitalism was restored.
If you google, you will find, the so called democracy, which actually was capitalism, 500 years back, when it replaced feudalism, lost 100s of times in various countries, with or without the help of American imperialists and allies. But that did never meant, end of capitalism and returning back to monarchy or feudalism!
Yes, we lost after French Revolution, learnt lessons, now lost a beautiful socialist world and learnt painful lessons. We will win again, history cannot go back unless a third WW with Nuclear weapons, destroys the civilisation!
Socialism and eventually Communism is inevitable. Historically capitalism is redundant. Politically we have not succeeded!
Historical materialism, discovered by Marx, tells us so! Yes, many will refute this ideology, but they are either right wing ideologues or inconsistent Socialists!
Long live revolution! Workers of the world unite!

Democracy & Dictatorship: Two Sides of A Coin!

What is democracy? 100% employment to all the working hands. Free education & health to all as the basic right to all humans. Sharing the produce of the society to all the produces.
If this basic is not met to the toiling masses, democracy has other “face”, that is, right of the super elites, 1%, to exploit others for amassing & concentrating the social wealth, increasing the miseries of the toiling masses.
That is, dictatorship against the proletarian class, peasants, working women, oppressed nationalities and other sections of the exploited class, like Dalits, Tribes, Minorities!
Democracy is not absolute but relative. We must reverse the present to ensure democracy of the people, who are more than 90-95% in any country. That is dictatorship of the working class!
How could this be ensured? Through a revolutionary party of the proletarian class, with a revolutionary ideology.
Comrades, here we definitely mean a party on the line of Marxism Leninism. A party on principles of Bolshevism, that is Democratic Centralism. We also uphold Stalin, as the leader of CPSU and the exploited people of the world, the Socialism that was built in USSR, though later capitalism was restored by the renegades, like Khrushchev, Tito, Trotsky, Anarchists, Social Democrats, Imperialist powers, etc.
Never confuse the relation between Democracy & Dictatorship, both are interrelated & relative, especially in a class divided society. Marx developed the idea of Proletarian Dictatorship and later same was successfully experimented in USSR and other Socialist blocks!
With such vast experience and scientific revolutionary ideology, we cannot be oppressed for long!
Long live Revolution! Workers of the world unite!

World Bank’s Economic Chakravyuh Is Trapping Indian Farmers

I took this article from GGI news, the link is http://gginews.in/world-banks-economic-chakravyuh-trapping-indian-farmers/#comment-254 ! The article analyses the plunder of the peasants well, which is true to most of the undeveloped countries world over, may be in bit variable conditions.

One must read the full article and here is my comment:

“It was in 1996 that the World Bank directed India to move 400 million people out of agriculture in the next 20 years, by 2015. Since every World Bank loan comes with roughly 140 to 150 conditionalities, each loan re-emphasised the urgency to move farmers out of agriculture. Former PM Manmohan Singh had time and again expressed the need to shift 70% farmers. Raghuram Rajan, former RBI Governor had said that the biggest reforms would be when India moves farmers out of agriculture. Then only will cheap labour be available for infrastructure development.”
“For nearly 3 decades, more so after the economic reforms were ushered in, agriculture has been a victim of deliberate neglect and apathy. Successive governments had deliberately created conditions turning farming non-viable thereby forcing an increasing number of farmers to abandon agriculture and migrate to cities. Meanwhile, food imports have soared. According to Down to Earth magazine, food import bill for 2015-16 stood at Rs 1,402,680,000,000. This was more than the annual budget for agriculture.”
Do you remember having read that India is primarily an agricultural country, where 75% population survive here, with employment & basic subsidies. Further, we were self sufficient in food with white, green revolutions!
This is past and now India is a Capitalist country, where in, its state lead by state machineries, politicians and the government do everything (albeit in name of reforms, in name of nation, in name of the people) for the big capitalists, big financiers, foreign MNCs, to increase their profit rate by ‘forcing’ the farmers, agricultural workers to the cities, towns to increase competition among themselves, reduce their wages in absolute as well as in relative terms.
Here lies the basic reason in so called “jobless growth”, which is nothing but capitalist accumulation & concentration.
Further, “..It has already laid out a target of bringing down the population engaged in agriculture from the existing 57 per cent to 38 per cent in the next five years, by 2022…”!
Capitalism (Read Monopoly capitalism, which is visible here as well, where not only the capitalists are ‘united’ to exploit the workers, farmers but even their “own proxy” government is working day & night by ensuring policies, which will destroy the agricultural economy to favour national & international capital) is the root cause of farmer’s miseries.
Abolition of capitalism only will ensure the contradiction of urban & rural economy, contradiction of industry & agriculture to vanish. Socialist economy of USSR is an excellent example of what we are discussing here. There is no alternative than to replace the production for profit to production for the need of the society, collectively. In short, it means Socialisation of land and other means of production, which happens to be next stage in the evolution of mankind, though it has to be brought in through conscious effort of the proletarian class, the most advanced class in the history of the mankind and is destined to usher socialism by way of class unity and struggle!

Batman System: Feudalism?


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“In New Delhi, the Army Headquarters described the clash — the worst of its kind since some units mutinied in 1984 — as “an incident of indiscipline,” not a mutiny. The Army has set up a court to inquire into the incident.”
“The batman system was long abandoned in the British Army, from which India drew it; even Pakistan dropped the institution in 2004. In India, however, it remains in place — a major cause of humiliation for men enlisted to serve their country.”
(From the post in name of “Ladakh troop revolt underlines Army class tensions” in HT dated dated 12 May, 2012. Full article: http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/ladakh-troop-revolt-underlines-army-class-tensions/article3412907.eceP)
Old news but situation has not changed. The Army HQ has reviewed this system this year only and have decided to continue it. We had recent resistance in many other services as well against this degrading works and over the quality of food served to the soldiers.
This exists in worse conditions in para military forces, police and even in judiciary, bureaucracy where lower ranked employees, like peons, drivers, sweepers have to do “Begari” (Unpaid job) at the officers’ residences.
When the feudalism has been replaced in India, capitalism exists in every corner of the society, government departments, why the feudal privileges are continued? Due massive unemployment, where the lower ranks have to accept menial jobs and humiliations. And the force and oppression!
Time to do this much needed “Reform” in our bureaucracy, armed forces, judiciary and of course, the biggest ‘Feudal” lords, the ministers, lawmakers, capitalists themselves!

Resist Fascism with a Revolutionary Ideology

“We will not allow such nefarious plans to succeed. Under Mamata Banerjee’s leadership, the Trinamool Congress will keep Bengal safe and secure. And secular.”
(From the post of a member of TMC, quoted at the bottom of the post)
High hopes. What you analysed is right but the conclusion is illogical, which I have quoted. What we are facing is nothing but fascism, the worst criminal & degenerated form of capitalism, qualitatively more dangerous than other forms of capitalism; like Crony Capitalism, State Capitalism, Equitable Capitalism, Social Democracy, Emergency (Where even the limited democratic rights are suspended), Imperialism, etc.
Can Fascism be fought by another capitalist party? In fact; its these capitalist parties, Congress (And BJP) and their various allies in the past (TMC, SP, BSP, RJD, JDU, DMK, AIADMK, SS, MNS, PDP, AAP, Swaraj India, etc) have helped to prepare the ground for fascism, to let the big capitalists plunder the working class, farmers.
Fascism is not for merely capturing power, but to enhance the rate of profit of the big capitalists, even forcibly, plundering the land of the tribes to let capitalists harvest super profit, destroy all the Labour Laws, let MNCs capture our market and natural wealth, FDIs.
(Incidentally, the rate of profit has a tendency to fall continuously, despite all technical advancements, human resources techniques, miserly expenditures. Result is seen in reductions in wages of the workers, lengthening their working hours, inflammation, unemployment. This is inherent in capitalism. Cut in labour expenditure, wage forces economic crisis at a regular period, as the products cannot be purchased by the wages dished out by the capitalists, service providers, financiers.)
Fascism has economic goal, masked by religion, national chauvinism, personality cult, caste, colour, creed. Naturally, to fight against fascism, the base must be destroyed, that is capitalism must be replaced by socialism, which you are deadly against!
So, forget about defeating this monster. This has to be done by the working class, peasants who are the worst sufferers and must unite to dispossess the criminal parasites. This unity must be on a revolutionary ideology, which understands capitalism as a transient phenomenon in human civilisation, which replaced feudalism 500 years back and is now old and on deathbed and must be replaced by Socialism.
Lastly, secularism in capitalism is on the mercy of the ruling class and not its natural character, and it can be destroyed as and when “needed”, especially during economic crisis, to break the unity of the exploited class and accelerate the plunder with force, with a section of the society, with paid goons in street & on Social Media as well and with the State itself.
Bhagat Singh! #HSRA!

http://www.ndtv.com/opinion/rumour-spreading-society-rss-and-bjp-playing-with-fire-1721665 (Rumour Spreading Society (RSS) And BJP Playing With)

Dalit President & Dalit’s Exploitation

Dalits are exploited as workers, as the majority of them, more than 95%, are workers! They are exploited by the employers, the capitalist class, which holds the means of production; the land, sea, river, jungle, mines, factories & industries, services; even government, judiciary, police, army, administration, political parties, media. How and why the government? Is it not an independent body? The law or the constitution, itself, has developed or is made to favour & promote the interests of capital & its owners and not the people.
Finally, what we see in practice? The political parties, which make the government have not only have hands in gloves with the bourgeois class but survive on the gigantic open & hidden donations of the capitalists, financiers, but are directly controlled by the donors. In fact, some of them, like Trump, the present US President, is a capitalist.
The capitalist class usurps the surplus value of the working class (including Dalits, farmers, minorities, working women, child labourers, tribes, others) and grows itself!
The Dalits are exploited socially as they are at the lower ladder of the caste system, are discriminated, since ages; in pre feudal economic, political, social order, in feudalism, that is when the kings, the landlords ruled the farmers and others, in capitalism, that is today, when Dalits have become workers (Which may or may not resemble their patriarchal works), have joined the backbone of the profit making reservoir or machine!
Solution is not Dalit President, more Dalits as ministers or at the top of the bureaucracy, more Dalit Capitalists, neither unity in compartments but only with the working class to overthrow capitalism! Like in women’s question, where they are exploited as workers, home makers economically and worse, due gender discrimination, which lets the bourgeoisie exploit them even more economically, as same wage is not given for same work. Due low living conditions, historically and socially, Dalit workers, like even the workers belonging to the tribes, minorities, etc can survive on low wages. Due a very high reserve of unemployed army, they work at very low wages, letting the capitalists usurp a very high rate of profit.
Dalits, tribes, the minorities face same discrimination, rising economic exploitation, remain victims of the discrimination & direct attacks, like in many recent incidents, by the created goons or organisations, directly under the supervision of the political, religious, cultural organisations. Aim of such attacks is simple, to raise the profit rate, to keep the working class and have an army, in form of para-military, to control the working class, the peasants. This is sheer fascism, nazism, where in form or not? But in content yes. It is similar to the Fascist party of Italy, German Nazis.
Solution is visible in the analysis itself. Not Dalitalism, not Feminism, not minority protection platform, not through the present constitution (or of any country), but to unite the proletarian class, on a single base, that is, unity of the exploited class, against the exploiters to demolish the base of the exploitation, discrimination, oppression, destroy the very base of the goons, the parasites, even the base of the unemployment, ignorance & superstition and even the war & terrorism, base of crime & corruption.
There is no other alternate. More we delay the birth of this historical, pending revolution, more miseries to the people, more destruction to the productive forces!
No more symbolism, like Dalit President or making statues of Ambedkar, Periyar but direct transfer of power in hands of the producers, abolition of the exploited class, which is parasitic, criminal and which rules the producers through state and its machineries. That and only that will abolish caste system in one go and establish a society, where every humans will have all human rights and live like a respected human.
Does that reminds you of Bhagat Singh and his party HSRA and their ideologies and their unfinished task?

Defeat Fascism: Bhagat Singh



Convert FB/Twitter friends into a cohesive, fighting organisation on ground against Fascism! Delay will cause further loss of initiative and loss of our strength. Presently, we are in massive majority and we are the creators of the nation!
Revolutionary path is already shown by Bhagat Singh, his party HSRA! Our division in name of caste, religion, colour, region, personality cult is desirable by our enemy, who are plundering us every day at increasing rate. Their bestial lust for profit in insatiable!
Additionally, the enemy is in minority, is standing on marshy ground, its ideology is old, rotten and unscientific and has no future. Its survival is only due our division!
Unity & struggle is the only solution to save ourselves, give us a society, where we can work and live like human beings.
Only that society will demolish all forms of exploitation of a man by another man. Be economic, political or social against minorities, dalits, tribes, women, workers, peasants, soldiers! And even save the Mother Earth!

Death By Ice Melt

To save environment, save Mother Earth, the humans must change the motive behind production, which is essential for its very survival, be grains, goods, services.
Presently we are producing for profit, which is leading to fast degradation of our planet, the only known living planet in the Universe, so far.
We need to produce for the consumption and only as much as is required!
In short, mankind must transit into Socialism from Capitalism, which is reproducing on extended scale unemployment, poverty, ignorance, superstition, war, terrorism and degradation of Mother Earth to a critical point, from where she may lose her capability to recoup in foreseeable future!

Gringa of the Barrio

When fretting over the future effects of climate change, one may be worrying about just how hot it will get, how many coastal cities and islands will be lost to rising oceans or the massive loss of life through drought and famine. But what about mystery diseases? Yep. Add one more thing to your climate change related anxiety list. Mystery diseases.

You see, frozen in the Arctic and Antarctic tundra and ice sheets are pathogens that have been imprisoned for more than a millennia. And climate change is going to bring about the big thaw that will set them free. Many of them have never before been encountered by modern man. Remember what happened when Europeans introduced strange pathogens to indigenous peoples in their invasive travels? Yeah, without natural resistance, those native populations were decimated with disease.

So what exactly is lurking in the permafrost and ice?

–   Example:   August…

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Not Possible To Give Jobs To Everyone In Country Of 125 Crore: Amit Shah: Resist Fascism!


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So another Jumla busted by the close aide of the Jumla master! It makes no sense to the blind followers!
He says: “….Not Possible To Give Jobs To Everyone In Country Of 125 Crore. We are promoting self-employment.”
Blind supporters take the bait! They even can’t correlate the high GDP of 7% and rising unemployment in Government departments, organised sectors, like IT, unorganised sectors, agriculture, etc!
The rising farmer’s suicide, worsening law & order, rising corruption & crime in every walk of life, deepening red tapism, denial to soldier’s demand of OROP, which has entered 713th day of protest at JM is hidden to a section of the society (Some of them are paid, especially sitting in RSS created IT Hubs), who feel the name of our “Nation” is improving in foreign nations!!!
Example is US Army can now inspect our military bases after the LEMOA pact! Our PM shakes hands with the biggest imperialist Presidents! NRIs shouting Modi Modi! MFN Pakistan is scared of us. Chinese finance capital is blocked from Indian market! India has opposed OBOR! Less educated (Most are in same category or in educated philistines)! BJP is capable of breaking its all promises but openly and is an example of transparency!
In fact the logics that ought to have forced people to hate RSS/BJP, are turning to be it’s lifeline! This is fascism and in fact that is fascism, different than that of Italy or Germany, but serves the same purpose, raise the profit rate of the big capitalists by exploiting the people maximum!
And the supporters of fascism, with or without commission, are raising the slogans of cow, religion, nation, personality cult, Capitalism as an eternal economic, political, social order! This gives us reason to understand, why other bourgeois parties, who were also serving big capitalists, including AAP, CPI, CPM, etc are sidelined today. And why they are forced to unite against fascism, where they know, the present fascism can be replaced in number game. Mind it, fascism can only be replaced by these bourgeois parties, not defeated, which has penetrated into all government departments, all pillars of the bourgeois democracy!
To defeat this fascism, only the proletarian class will achieve the goal. It will further march towards the establishment of socialism, after defeating fascism. In socialism unemployment will be history, exploitation of man by man will be absurd!
Do you foresee the relevance of Bhagat Singh & his party HSRA? They were fighting to defeat imperialist British but never were ignorant of the intent of the bourgeois parties; Congress, Muslim League. They wanted to establish the state of the working class, on line of USSR!

These parties ignored the rise of Bombay Mutiny in 1946, where the working class came to the streets to support it and carry forward to full independence. They even supported the British Raj in suppressing this mutiny! ML asked the Muslim soldiers to go back to their barracks, while so called Iron Man Patel asked the Indians, who were looking forward for the guidance from their leaders, to carry on their business as before. Nehru and Gandhi asked them to surrender. RSS supported the British! CPI supported the revolt but was unable to give a correct leadership and a correct political line.

Reason was clear. The bourgeois partie never wanted ideology of Bhagat Singh, which was Marxism, but a state for the Indian capitalist class, big landlords in collaboration with the foreign capital, which the British approved.

Now is the time for the progressive and revolutionary forces, especially the youths, students to equip themselves with the revolutionary ideology, lead the proletarian party to smash fascism and establish socialism!