Destroy the dictatorship of the capitalist class! Comrade James Connolly, eternal hero of the Irish people, has said it perfectly. Any society under capitalism is never democratic or free, but is an absolute dictatorship of capitalism: of a tiny rich elite which is just a small fraction of the population, while the rest of the people, the working masses, are exploited, oppressed, and have literally no real power and no real voice in society, and do not participate in ruling the government, culture, or economy at all. Any two or multi-party system is a just a trick, whose purpose is to give the illusion of choice and change in government, when in reality, all these parties represent the exact same capitalist class – the exact same tiny elite of rich people.

No matter which party “wins” an “election” – the same ruling class stays in power and there is no real change at all. Every individual candidate is vying to be the public representative of that same elite class. The only real winner is always that same tiny rich ruling class! Different social issue positions are more tricks to deceive people into thinking that there is some choice and change and some reason to devote their efforts to one side or another in capitalist electoral politics, and the rich rulers do not care about those at all – they only care that they stay in power and maintain their political and economic domination over the working people, which they always will as long as capitalist “elections” remain the system for choosing those who are publicly in power as agents of the capitalist dictatorship in the capitalist government.

We must liberate the working people by destroying capitalism and building socialism!